Site Crash

Hi there !
the day befor yesterday I've installed sitemap wpmu dev plugin in for multisite and configure the blogtype plugin.

there was some errors from my side, but with the fast and professional support of this community I understand what was wrong (a conflict between plugins) and fix it.

The day after (yestedday) the website, wp network, didn't work anymore.
the Hostgator support told me the server gererate 2 key and they had fix the error

Unfortunately the website still don't work.
I can norlally access in wp-admin or netword admin
but if I type /wp-admin in some blog I get a not found page.
The blogs load forever and the an the end they appears without a theme
The hostgator support is investigating, they told me there is a higt CPU usare.

They say it was because of the plugin, but even when I deactivate them all I still get the error.

What can I do?
maybe someone had the same problem and can give me some tips.

I've a further question:
If I delete all the plug, instead of deactivate, and than I reinstall, the plugin setting and data are the same as I left before or should I re insert again???