Site demands login to see subsites / Adminbar links are linking to http// instead of http://

Hey Support Team - we updated on one Multisite the WPMU Branding Plugin - and since then we encountered a few problems which might be related (or caused by something else) - we returned to the older version of the plugin but these problems persist:

1 - when loged in we where able to move from one site to the next without the need to re-login - which we now need to for each site.

2 - some links in the admin bar - if clicked on - (like the WPMUDEV Dashboard link or anything thats associated with the "network" button) - links to a http// link which cant be found since the ":" is missing "http://" would be correct. I was on a chat window which lost the connection (was chating with nastia - and i think she wanted to log in - the support is opened in the WPMU Dashboard).