Site down exactly one hour twice due to massive amount of redirects

During the last month the site has gone down for precisely one hour twice; Aug 19 at 8.48-9.48 am, and Sep 14 at 10.40-11.40 am. The cause is a massive amount of redirections. When we look at the hub, it's said to be up and running since Aug 3. Do you have any ideas about what can cause this? We are using several of your plugins. I've granted you access.
Grateful for any help!

  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hello there Stina

    This could have multiple reasons, that Uptime Monitor can't know.
    To make clear what Uptime Monitor does, let me quote from

    Uptime monitoring pings your site every 2 minutes and if your site did not respond or your HomePage took more then 30 sec to load it will send you a notice.

    The only way to find out more, is to contact your hosting provider and ask to review server logs. Some relevant information should be in there.

    You can also ask to check if there're any programmed procedures to run at these times, like some cron jobs, which end/halt unexpectedly.

    If you think that a specific service/plugin cause that, then the safest way would be to create a staging environment of this installation, exclude this and see how that goes.

    Hope that was some help! :slight_smile:

    Warm regards,

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