Site edits vanish in Upfront:Fixer

Dear Support,

For several days I have been experiencing data loss while attempting to develop a site using Upfront:Fixer. Losses include global regions, changes to page layout changes, and sometimes CSS code. I experience these scenarios when trying to save a page and/or open an existing page/post for edit within Upfront:Fixer.

I have taken some notes about my experiences editing with Upfront today. Once again, I did a boatload of work on the site and then for some reason it all vanished – again.


I perform edits on the home-page via the Upfront editor -> save edits. Then open another Upfront (none template) page, perform edits -> save. Next, I attempt to edit home again via the Upfront edit page interface. On first attempt to open Home, a page with a Archived message screen with blue background with my posts listed under it displays (attached: archive_error.jpg) – I am careful not to save this erroneous page, I try to reload the page a few times then eventually get to my Home page edit screen but now my custom global footer region that was previously there (attached: correct_layout.jpg) is missing (attached: revert01.jpg). This madness of regions vanishing and malformed page edit views seems to go on and on.

Sometimes the global regions I created are replaced with the default fixer regions (see attached) other times there is no region displayed. And often, the global regions I saved vanish from the system and need to be recreated again.


Then I make edits to another page on the site.

I modify the logo and footer global regions. Save the page and then I notice the following messages popup:

Cleaning Region CSS

Region CSS cleaned

Next I create a new page using a theme template page:

I add two feed elements and the global footer region I created, then remove the default Fixer footer.I try to save the page, its hangs on save for an uncomfortable amount of time, then I see the following messages popup:

Theme colors could not be saved

Theme color styles could not be saved

(I made no changes to theme colors on during the edit)

Eventually I am able to save the page.


After several more page AutoBlog feed related I was happy with progress and took a Snapshot of the site. Next I re-enabled the Chat plugin and boom! My custom Global regions were all gone – again!

I figured that I could just restore the Snapshot that I took a few minutes before activating the plug in – but even after restoring it, the global logo and custom footer regions still not displayed.

And to finalize the annoyance, the 2 global regions that I created and saved, logo-region and custom footer are both GONE from the system.

If I am doing something that is causing the system to behave this way, somebody please fill me in. I have lost days of work, and seem to be stuck in a loop of re-applying changes that simply vanish.

Please advise!