Site feature request: browse comments for specific plugin

It's not immediately obvious how to browse comments for, for example, just e-newsletter. I'd rather read through the existing comments before asking a question, rather than just knee-jerk shoot off a question.

Just a suggestion... :slight_smile:

  • Tom Eagles

    @David hi there, its kind of already in place but not the most easy of places, if you look on the right hand side of the list you see plugins general etc, well clicking on that will filter it down to category level, find the plugin or whatever you are looking for click that question then on the right under the picture you will see for example

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    another quick way is just to enter for example marketpress in the search box and it will filter the responses to that then you can drill down using the right link again.

    Not the easiest of methods but once you get the hang of it its quite fast,

    but +1 from me for a more obvious route.

  • Tom Eagles

    LOL @David

    Yeah, you also used to be able to go to the plugin and click on the discussion link, and see the discussion for just that plugin. I'm quite capable of using Search, but I'm also good at whining and asking for things my way.

    ROFLMAO hey +1 from me i can be a real whiner too, you should see a huge row i am currently having with a dev over at themeforest...

    Poor guy i almost feel sorry for him.

    But it runs along the lines of

    Me:Your theme doesnt do things the normal way.
    Him:Yes it does, but to get it to work this way you cant use this wordpress setting or it will cause problems with the display or may produce blank pages, its the way our theme works with wordpress.
    Me:So what you are saying your theme works if we use it the way you tell us we have to because of the unusual way you coded it.
    Him:yes but we think its cool and very good.
    Me:So it is a wordpress or a theme problem? if you say i cant use certain basic wordpress functions because your theme produces random unpredictable results, then i would say its a theme problem
    Him:No thats just the way we designed it.


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