Site is disappeared from The Hub


I just found out, that a site have disappeared from The Hub. It was a broken site, which was not running, but i had a full backup of the site there, which now is gone.

Is there any way to get this backup back? And why is it disappeared by itself? I though i need to delete a site if this should be removed from The Hub.

Best regards

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Mikkel,

    As far as I know sites shouldn't be removed from Hub without user removing it itself, but just to be sure let me check with our admins if there's anything that could remove the site and get back to you with more info about that.

    I don't have access to Snapshot backup files on our server so I've asked about this as well.

    Keep an eye on this thread and I'll try getting some further info asap.

    Best regards,

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Mikkel,

    Update for my above response, I was actually wrong about sites being removed from HUB, if the site is unreachable for two weeks it will be removed from list of currently active sites.

    However, if you get your site back online and then just install and connect with WPMU DEV Dashboard you should be able to access previous backups as long as they are not older than 1 month.

    Best regards,

    • Mikkel

      Hi Predrag,

      Oh, im sorry about hearing that.
      I have installed the site as new and connected with WPMU DEV and i dont see the backup, and i also think thats more than a month since.

      Actually i think, thats a bit stupid, that these disappear automatic. In my situation i had a server that got hacked, so i had to restore around 30 websites on a new server.
      This lost site i had db problem after changing db prefix with defender plugin, also i havd a tread about it here, so actually the backup was just to restore site as it was before i change the prefix and now that gone.
      I was lucky, it was just a small site, without a lot of content, but this could have been much worser, so i really think that you should rethink that feature, so things dont get deleted automatic.
      We have 10 GB each, so let us decide our self what should be deleted and for me i just have started subscription for additional storage space, so i would have space enough for all my backups.

      I will mark as resolved, as i think there is nothing todo for getting this backup back.

      Have a nice day and thank you for your help.

      Best regards,

  • Dimitris

    Hello Mikkel

    I'm really sorry for the lost backup here. I just want to mention that the connection between your websites and our Hub is happening due to our Dashboard plugin and each other related plugin, like Snapshot plugin should be active on site for Backups tab in Hub/Websites to work.

    As long as you don't surpass the limits that my colleague Predrag mentioned and there's a connected WPMUDEV Dashboard plugin in your websites, you shouldn't confront any issue.

    Despite that, your voice about better handling of backup space is heard already!
    I really can't tell what's the roadmap for future releases though, but if you wish we can move this thread to Features & Feedback section for further engagement from other members.

    Warm regards,

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