Site is slow, is frequently down, and can't backup to google drive


My site is extremely slow and frequently goes down for no apparent reason. I've been trying to backup to google drive as you outlined in a recent blog post so that I can upgrade my wordpress install and woo commerce plugin, but keep getting errors using updraft plus backups but can't figure out why.

In the meantime, I've posted a testimonial on Facebook for my book and site and am beginning to get traffic but they only find a down site with no book on it when they get through. I don't want to add the book until i update woocommerce. It's a catch 22.

My last issue, of many, is that I now have the embed code for that video testimonial from FaceBook but can't figure out how to embed it into my home page slider. I don't want to upload it to my site and slow it down further but am at a loss as to how to get it done any other way.

Can you please help?!


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, gttblog!

    Let's start by looking at your webhost.

    Are you on a shared server, or do you have a dedicated server or a VPN?

    Is your hosting paid or free?

    Do you know the specs of your hosting plan, like how much disk space, memory, and bandwidth you have?

    How many plugins do you have installed right now? How many are active? Are they all updated? Are you also running the most recent version of WordPress, and have you kept your theme updated?

    If all of this seems okay, the next place to look is the media you have on your site. Have you uploaded any images with a very large file size? Are you hosting video or audio files?

    Also, what kind of extras do you have running on the landing page of your site? Sliders, social widgets, related posts plugins, and more can slow down how fast your site loads.

    I know there's an issue with Google Drive saving backups with our Snapshot plugin that's to do with Google's latest API. That might be causing part of your problem with saving backups. Can you choose an alternative destination for the time being, and see if you can save a backup?

    To embed, your slider will need to allow you to enter HTML to add with an embed code. If there's a share link, I'd try to insert that share link instead of an embed code, if possible.

    Let me know if this is helpful!

  • gttblog

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for your reply. To address your questions that I should ask myself, let me respond one-by-one.

    1. I have paid hosting and everything is supposed to be unlimited, of course, they always put a "within reason" type condition in there in small print, but that should not be a problem as it stands;
    2. I have an awful lot of plugins installed, 75% of which are inactive. Since receiving your response, I've begun deleting some and have had my host fixing a downtime issue that's persisted. The site does, at least at the moment, seem a little quicker. I do like to hold onto the seasonal plugins so they can be reactivated at Holiday times, and put into action. If you think it would help, I guess I could download those plugins and only upload as needed;
    3. I have changed themes several times over the past year as well as my home page set up, in attempts to speed it up. I currently have a slider with a large vector image, the file size of which I have just optimized, as well as one other small image with a YouTube hosted video showing. This, however, is all new but the speed issue is not;
    4. I do have social widgets on the home page but the overall content load of the page is not what I would think would be overbearing, although I could be wrong;
    5. The media on my site seems to have been lost from a downtime issue my host had last January, when my site was down for a week. When they finally worked out their issues, my media was gone. The placeholders appear to be in the media library, but no images, or videos, appear. I haven't seemed to have time, or known what I should do, to deal with this yet - I have to soon though;
    6. Finally, I have just switched that Updraft Plus Backup storage location to my hosting database, although that was not my first or favorite choice. I'm still getting zip errors as well as a host of others. That being the case, as I indicated in my original message, I cannot update the wordpress install or the woocommerce install so that I can get my products up. All other plugins appear to be up to date.

    The bottom line is, I guess I could really use someone's help by having them take a look.

    Is this one of your services now? If so, are these the types of issues WPMU can help with and how do I set it up?

    I really appreciate any feedback you can give me.

    Thanks so much.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Gttblog,

    Hope you're doing well today and thanks for all that information! :slight_smile: definitely helps.

    By visiting your site it looks like you have mixed content, some is from an http url and some from an https url. https isn't too happy about that so it tries to block the insecure content, which is likely related to you not seeing some of your images.

    To resolve this, add this plugin:

    Also, you might want to look into optimizing your images. I notice your slider image is uploaded at a size of:

    6,623px × 3,000px (scaled to 1,920px × 869px)

    but then as you can see it is scaled down to 1920x869 (screen size dependent)

    Even though it is scaling it, it still has to load the regular size image which as you could image is quite large. Best to upload an image that is already scaled down so you save a lot of space there.

    Using our plugin,, can help here as it helps optimize your images.

    I noticed you also mentioned you use to have a lot of plugins and have been deactivating and removing them. The potential issue here is that deleting a plugin from your directory doesn't always delete the tables out of your database, in-fact, it rarely does - so having lots of leftover old plugin tables can bloat your database.

    This plugin can help optimize your database:

    Make sure you create a backup before using a plugin like wp-optimize. Any plugin that makes changes to your DB you will want to make a backup before installing.

    In fact, we have a nice handy backup tool right here:

    We have a great post on speeding up WordPress as well, you can try some of the solutions mentioned there, if I didn't already mention them here :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps! Look forward to hearing back.

    All the best,

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