Site limits for one-click installations, etc


I'm a bit disappointed to see that you've introduced limits for one-click installations, etc via the WPMU DEV Dashboard.

Unfortunately, for cash flow reasons, I've had to drop down to the monthly package. This means that you're making more money from me (and it's well deserved, you offer a lot here and some great products) - but I am limited to just 5 accounts for one-click installations, etc.

I'd love to be able to afford an Elite membership - but at the moment, life just doesn't allow me that cash outlay in one go (even though I'm (happily) paying more than double that on a month-by-month basis.... I could afford that in a couple of months I suppose - but that would require me to cancel my sub for a few months, sort of self-defeating.

However, even with an Elite Membership, you're limiting the one-click installations, etc to 20 sites.

I think you guys rock and have a great suite of plugins, themes and a fantastic community... It's just a disappointed me a bit to see limits - and then them set so low.

  • aecnu

    Greetings iaindb,

    Thank you for the great feedback, it is certainly appreciated.

    I understand completely and I believe I have a work around for you that you might find very useful, the Networks for WordPress plugin.

    It allows you to have a network of networks on a single WordPress install, in which one of those installs has the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin which in turn takes care of the entire network of networks.

    Can you see the light how this tool may be used very effectively?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • iaindb

    Hi both, thanks for the feedback.

    Joe - yes - the Networks plugin is great, but that then forces me to have all my sites on one install, however I could do that with the inbuilt multisite (though it's not as flexible as the Networks plugin).

    However I do prefer to have separate installs as I do have sites on different accounts - something that's a must when it comes to e-mail.

    MTB1701 - good call. May have to do that, though surely it makes sense for a pretty premium subscription at between just over $400 to just under $1k a year to have either no limit or a reasonable limit that doesn't force people to "game" what's been put in place (and that may end up being locked down in time)?

    Sorry... Trying to offer constructive criticism rather than negativity! :slight_smile:


  • Mark Wallace

    lol no problem, but if you read the TOS about the number of domains concerning the WPMU Dev dashboard, you will see that it is ok to do this.

    I only give "cheap shot" work a rounds for Companies i don't like; :slight_smile: Ya want some some ways to stick it to fb?

    But the advice for deactivating the dashboard when no in use came from @Mason himself! So i would say give it go!

    Thanks iaindb!

  • Mason


    The point in the limit is not to hurt real members, it's to limit folks who sign up for one day, download everything and then cancel/try to get a refund and then use our products all over the web. Seriously, it happens almost daily.

    Your'e a legit user. You've posted and I've modified your account to give ya the 20 sites. We hope you continue to be a satisfied member :slight_smile:


  • Mark Wallace

    Thanks @Mason

    He thought i was being scandalous, lol

    I'd give you some points mason, but i am running low, and want that life time membership :slight_smile:

    I gave James << your boss, Arnold and Paul << Developers all the points they need for the Life Time trophy "Makes their post look better", wondering if after Aristath's welcome thread is taken off sticky; are you going to post James, Arnold, and Paul up there. I think that would be kewl! :slight_smile:

    All these points missing makes me wonder if you are about to open your swag store??? :disappointed: lol :slight_smile:

  • iaindb

    Thanks @Mason, I really appreciate you doing this, and now you've said that I can see why you need to protect yourselves against people grabbing everything for $79 and then doing a disappearing act.

    Hey @MTB1701 - Nah, never thought you were being scandalous... I actually gave you 3 points and a like - as it's a valid solution... :slight_smile: When I was said that if the limits were realistic then you wouldn't have to game the limits, I didn't mean it in a negative way towards your suggestion... It's a perfectly valid (if a bit cumbersome) solution. And reading it back now I can see why you read it the way you did! Sometimes I can come across wrongly even when I don't mean to (hence my comment about how I was trying to be constructive)... I really did appreciate the suggestion! :slight_smile:

  • Mark Wallace


    Don't worry about it, i was joking with Mason!

    Sometimes I can come across wrongly even when I don't mean to (hence my comment about how I was trying to be constructive)... I really did appreciate the suggestion! :slight_smile:

    Last week i thought i was being helpful and had just about everybody on a thread Chewing on me like piranha. The more i explained and said sorry, the more blood the sensed from my wounds, and started chewing more.

    Finally i realized they was nothing more than wieners who wanted something, or anything to complain about, and just left the thread.

    So i understand how things can be taken wrong. And know above all things that i wish to live peacefully with all human beings, and hope to offend none.

    Enjoy the Forums, there is a lot of kind people here, a few jack @$$es, and a whole lot of knowledge.

    Glad your a member!

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