Site loading slowly, getting host error

Site started having issues today where I would receive a Cloudflare error saying connection to host was having issues. Site is loading very slowly.

  • Kris
    • Support

    Hi SABER

    Hope you are doing good today.

    Base on that score: there is many things which need to be done to make site speed better.

    Right now score and site speed is teribble.

    1. Serve scaled images

    Many sections on homepage call large images (this inlcude slider and bottom section like New Arrivals/Our Blogs etc.). Theme or plugins core was design to call such large image.

    I recommend in this case to use Smush CDN feature which could fix images that are to large to html container.

    2. Combine images using CSS sprites / Inline small CSS

    You use Hummingbird on site and Asset Optimization is enabled, but non of resources is optimize.

    Here is our full guide for Hummingbird:

    Basically each file which exist in Asset Optimization list can be:

    – compress

    – combine

    – move to footer

    – inline.

    3. Leverage browser caching

    You load some resources outside site so non if this file cannot be cache. Consider do you need to call this google map on site as it call those outside files.

    4. 292 requests

    This mean when your site is load it need to call 292 files (css/js/images/fonts)

    Please make review of all your plugins and choose which ones you really need on site. Each plugin possibly call own files.

    Consider also to remove or reduce some sections on homepage. Most of those section call images. Each image is one requests (You call 134 images on homepage). This is a big number.

    5. Woo Search Box

    This plugins from what I see in Waterfall Chart, slows down page also. Consider does this plugin is requried on you site.

    Hope this help.

    Kind Regards,


    • Flash Drive

    Hi Kris,

    thanks for the email.

    Recommendation # 1, we implement with Ohidul, and it did not help at all to speed the site.

    with his recommendation we uploaded a Fresh copy of live site to Staging site, then I Deactivated all plugins and one by one Activated to see which plugin was causing problem. I found that upon Activating ThemeFTC, the site would NOT load. so I kept that deactivated but also lost some of my Homepage buttons and texts. Homepage lost some of the informations.

    Site is loading but very very slow.

    with my Developers help I tried to build those buttons and text outside of ThemeFTC plugin on homepage but updates would not load giving me error 524.

    about your other recommendations I need either one of your team members to help me do it or give me screenshot step by step on how to implement those recommendations as I have no clue myself how to do it.

    Please help.

    • Flash Drive

    NEW UPDATES. AUG. 23, 2019 7: 22 PM EST

    I made a final RESTORE from Aug. 22 and now site is loading. still slow but it is loading. I even checked ThemeFTC plugin that is also Activated which is great and site content all loading.

    this happened at the same time as I got a Restored email from Bluehost. Let me tell you what happened and see if my site issue (not loading and server error 524) was related to Bluehost issue.

    few days ago, exactly like 2 days ago, i noticed my emails were not working. so I called BLUEHOST because they are the ones who hosted my site originally and because WPMUDEV does not offer email support so i kept the account and database with the bluehost

    when i called them they said that I have called them to cancel my account with them which was not true but later they told me there was a miss understanding on their part and accidentally they closed my account. they said they will restore it and it will take about 24+hrs

    I was very unhappy about what mistake they made to close my hosting account (even though my main is hosted with WPMUDEV, but I still kept that account because of Emails). they waved the charge for the whole year due to their mistake and restored the site. after I just received an email from Bluehost about my account and all 20gb database being Restored and at same time I was in the middle of my own wpmudev restore from a back of Aug. 22, i noticed the site load nicely and completely. So now I am wondering if the account deletion from Bluehost had anything to do with my site crushing and the errors of 524.

    I am writing this to you to help you with your investigation into my site issue.

    right now the site is loading but still slow.


  • Patrick Freitas
    • Staff

    Hey SABER

    Hope you are doing well.

    As we verified on Chat, indeed, the website stops to load as soon we enable the Smush CDN, and it is causing the CPU going to 100% and site returning a time out, so we would need to investigate on staging site, running a full plugin/theme conflict.

    About the Assets Optimization, I was able to combine the CSS and page requests decreased to 237, however as I told on Chat, I suggest keep the support from thread to give a calm look, once you enabled support on staging site we can use both staging and live site to run some more tests.

    We will let you know when finding out more information about the performance issues on your site.

    Best Regards

    Patrick Freitas

    • Flash Drive

    Hi Patrick

    Thank you so much for your patience and great job. I am happy the site is loading. But I am disappointed at the slowness of this site. it is like the dial up speed . here we have a beautiful site that can be enjoyed by our customers but it is frustratingly slow. takes the joy out of the browsing the site. so please you and your team find out why the site is loading extremely slow specially homepage. other pages are also slow but homepage is the slowest of all. I hope that the speed can be returned back to the site. it was not this slow before so things can be better i am sure. this site was loading much faster at times but now its not.



    P.S. Here is GTMETRIX report just now.

    Fully Loaded Time


    Total Page Size




    Serve scaled images

    F (0)


    Serve resources from a consistent URL

    F (0)


    Leverage browser caching

    E (50)


  • Aditya
    • Staff

    Hi SABER

    I see you have multiple issues on the site because of which the site is this slow. The main reasons are explained here by Kris

    However, please make a backup of the site before doing any of these steps.

    Also, i would like to mention that enabling Smush Pro -> CDN and Hummingbird -> Asset Optimization -> enable CDN should make significant improvement to the site so you can try that, however, i could also see that there is some issue enabling the Smush CDN, so as requested please setup a staging site and then we can try to debug the issue with Smush CDN for you.

    Hope this helps.


    Aditya Shah

    • Flash Drive

    Hi Aditya

    Thanks for reply back. All of Kris recommendations has been already implemented by Patrick Freitas. He was very helpful and did extensive testing on different issues and he was the one who suggested to leave support on for both live site and staging site. Support is on and hope your team will be able to fix the load speed.


  • Patrick Freitas
    • Staff

    Hi SABER

    Hope you are doing well

    As we debugged on Chat.

    The main issue seems to be caused by the number of plugins, especially the TM global extra product options which disabled made the site work faster.

    For this plugin update, I was able to find your fatal error after the last chat, it is being caused by an out of date plugin file on the theme, you need to update the TM plugin and also upload a new copy of the file on the theme.

    File cart-item-data.php

    Theme location themes/credo/tm-extra-product-options/cart

    Updated file version, located on plugin zip file woocommerce-tm-extra-product-options > templates > cart

    However, as I said in chat, I do suggest you find a developer to have a closer look on your site, decreasing the number of plugins and I can see theme has some deprecated functions and woocommerce template files, would be nice to keep everything updated to make sure site will run smoothly and then apply the steps suggested by my teammate Kris.

    You can find trusted WPMU DEV partners on our Partners page

    Best Regards

    Patrick Freitas

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