Site loading twice. Because of MU Domain Mapping plugin redirect??

Whenever I visit a site on my WordPress Multisite that has a domain mapped to it, it seems as though the site gets loaded twice. Everything gets loaded twice: the header logo image, the css stylesheet. It gets loaded once from the mapped domain, and once from the main multi-site install base domain.

I am using the WordPress MU Domain Mapping by Donncha, found here: , which I know is not supported here, but I'm hoping someone can help.

I only discovered this when doing a speed test at Here's a link to that log: Pingdom Log

Here are my questions:

1. Is this the way this plugin, or domain mapping in general is supposed to work?
2. If so, sites that map domains in this way take a serious speed and bandwidth hit. Is there anyway to speed this up and/or reduce the double bandwidth utilisation?
3. I'd like to remove Donncha's Domain Mapping plugin so I can install WPMU's Multi-Domains 1.06 plugin to get support on it here. None of the sites that are currently mapped are live, so other than de-mapping all of my sites while I make the change, are there any drawbacks to removing this plugin?
4. How do I safely remove this Domain Mapping plugin (and/or MU plugins in general)?

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.


  • gunner steele

    I'm so confused right now.

    OK - So, I deleted the domain mapping plugin I was using, and also the sunrise.php file.

    Next, I installed WPMU's Domain Mapping plugin, which seemed to work fine, but I could only map 1 domain! Do I have to go into the backend of each site and map the domain that way (as opposed to a single Super-Admin level domain mapping screen)??

    So, I figured I needed Multi Domains, so I removed Domain Mapping, and installed Multi Domains.

    Now, with Multi Domains installed, I start adding domains but quickly see that none of them are resolving. I have 10 different IP's pointing to the same server, that is hosting my base WordPress multi-site install. Using the Donncha Domain Mapping plugin, and the WPMU Domain Mapping plugin - I was able to specify a list of IP addresses, but this is not included in Multi Domains. Could this be why my domains aren't resolving after being mapped using Multi Domains?

    Should I go back to the WPMUdev Domain Mapping plugin? Was there something I missed there?

    Thanks for your help, in advance.


  • gunner steele

    Alright folks - I think I've got it....

    I'm back to the Domain Mapping plugin, and see that I need to map my domains from within each sites backend control panel. So, I've got this working for me now. It'd be a really nice feature to be able to map domains and edit domain mapping at the Super Admin level from a single page interface.

    But, I'm still showing an object for the mapped domain being loaded from the base installation URL. Check out this Pingdom log and it shows jquery being loaded from the base installation URL, not the mapped domain: Pingdom Log.

    This is an improvement from the site loading twice, as you can see in this earlier Pingdom Log, but - is this plugin supposed to work like this?

    If so, is there a away to map domains where all of the sites objects and files load from the mapped domain?



  • gunner steele

    WordPress loads jquery for everything; it loads it in the header.

    Shouldn't the Domain Mapping plugin map everything - all URL requests, and therefore map where jquery is loaded from?

    It seems to me that this has serious site-speed and SEO implications because if all of your mapped domains load jquery from the base installation, it looks like you are loading an external object.

    Loading external objects is a factor in methods of determining site speed (yslow,...), and now site speed is an admitted Google ranking factor. If my site is going to be seen as loading an external object, I'd prefer for it to at least be loading one that is faster than my own site - such as from a CDN or Google Libraries API .

    Does anyone know if this is the way Domain Mapping is supposed to work, or if there is a way to get it to map domains when loading jquery as well?

    Thank you for all your help.