Site Menu cannot fit all sites - how to break it up or make scrollable

Hi Heros

There is another pretty annoying problem when setting up multisites.

You can't actually reach anymore the last entry on the bottom of that long menu of sites in some browsers. Is there a way to break that up and to get the menu shown in columns (would be much better then scrollable) - better to keep an overview of sites if there are no more which would fit on a full screen HD (depend on screensize of course)

Or to make that menu scrollable

i.e. 100 sites won't fit in there so how to do if you have 1000 sites or even more in one multisite? How to manage those sites easily

Kind regards


  • Andi
    • The Exporter

    I would suggest you move that to Feedback and feature request. I think it is a good idea if that script gets integrated with the Ulitmate Branding plugin
    as many have probably more sites than which could get displayed here and in the Ultimate branding plugin this script could be simply switched on or off like it is switching on/off other improvements already.

    That small plugin is especially good as it separates also the Network part very clear from the sites part by placing the search right in between of those too.

    Please move it as feature request for Ultimate Branding

    Thanks for the hint

    Kind regards

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