Site migration with "New blog templates" ?


I am looking for the simplest way to "clone" a site, I need to set up a similar one on another Domain.
So the best thing would be if I can just take my site and install it on another domain.

So I will go an try to do this today...
Could anyone tell me if the "Snapshop" plugin or the "New blog template" plugin work better for this?

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    Hi @julius_miribung,

    New Blog Templates will help you clone a site within a Wordpress Multisite network. You can designate a site as a template, and new sites on the network can then be created from the template.

    Neither Snapshot or New Blog Templates can assist in moving a site to a new domain or server. You will need to do this by manually backing up the site files and database.

    The process looks something like this:

    1. Backup the site files.
    2. Backup site database
    3. Restore files to new domain
    4. Create a new database for the new site
    5. Upload and run the SQL backup
    6. Update the wp-config.php file to work with the new database username and password.
    7. Replace any references in the database to the old domain with the new domain.

    The most important thing to change in the database would be in the wp_options table. There's a setting for the site url that you will need to change to the new domain to get things working again.

    These are pretty generic instructions. So let me know if you need help. If you let me know what hosting providers you're working with I could look for more detailed instructions.

    Best regards,

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