Site Not Compressed - Despite Hummingbird Saying It Is

I have had Hummingbird installed however the site appears not to be compressed. When running the site through GTMetrix, they suggest the site is not compressed and after a discussion with WPMU Support, they suggested I submit a ticket.

Steps Taken:
- Chat with Nitin Ramdas (WPMU Staff)
- Deactivate all plugins
- Test on other platforms

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello James,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I checked the site and I see that Hummingbird is showing that compression is enabled. This actually means that compression rules are properly added to the .htaccess file there. External checks do say that it's not enabled.

    It's a bit surprising because if you check the requests in browser console, you'll notice that for all the files (local to your site) of JS and CSS - the correct headers are being sent stating that those are actually compressed.

    This leads me to the point that there are two probable options: it's either that checking tools give a false result due to some additional issue or it's indeed not compressed. The first case could mean some plugin conflict but I know that you did deactivate all plugins and that didn't help. Did you also check with all the plugins (except hummingibird) inactive and a theme switched to Twenty Seventeen? If not, please do. Also, make sure that if there are any caches on server side, they are either deactivated or at least cleaned before running the test.

    If that still doesn't show up anything, can you please consult with your host if the webserver powering your site is indeed Apache or is it Apache behind nginx? The latter is more and more popular configuration and in such case it would be nginx that should be added gzip compression rules to the configruation, even though Apache is detected by the plugin.

    Let me know about these two things and we'll then see what to do next.

    Best regards,

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