WSOD after SmartCrawl Update; Site Crashed Deactivating it through WPMUDEV Dashboard

I got a White Screen of Death on regular pages, but not on virtual / child pages after SmartCrawl update through WP Installed Plugins page. Debug didn’t display any errors; no console errors, nothing showing in network tab. I then tried to deactivate the plugin from WPMU Dev dashboard and the site hung; there was an error in the console, but I accidentally took a screenshot that only captured the visible part, but one of the errors was: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘hide’ of null

I restored the site with the files and DB from after the update, but before the crash and had to reboot the server to get the site up. SmartCrawl was active and frontend had WSOD. I deactivated and deleted SmartCrawl from the default WP Installed Plugins page and the site returned to normal.

I then installed SmartCrawl the WPMUDEV Dashboard and it installed without obvious errors, but hung again when I activated it through the WPMUDEV Dashboard and had to reboot the server again to recover my site.

Also, Chat Support tried: default .htccess, theme, renaming plugin folder, etc. Nothing had worked.

WP: 4.9.8

BP: 3.2.0

SmartCrawl: 2.2.4

WPBakery: 5.5.4

Previous SmartCrawl version worked except that the focus keyword section kept trying to refresh, but never would. The rest of it seemed to function all right.

Please help.