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I just setup a fresh multisite environment and want to configure Hummingbird. The plugin controls already the communication with my Cloudflare account and I have copied generated code into the Nginx config file as I use this webserver. The site sits in an AWS EC2 instance and is also configured with Cloudflare to use AWS Cloudfront with an associated S3 bucket via Cname DNS value.

Now I need to be sure that I do not kind of overconfigure due to performance regarding availability of static content and browser caching, page caching, database caching etc. I once tested the well known plugin W3TotalCache, but to be honest, I'd be more satisfied just using Hummingbird would be sufficient.

I didn't upload any static files yet to the S3 bucket or the like, but as I remember there was some functionality within W3 TotalCache which does just that. Do I really need to upload static css, js or html files to S3 or does Hummingbird control everything on its own? I also need to take care about html header settings to avoid any TTFB issues from beginning, as this will be a highly dynamic ever changing content and eCommerce site. Can you please give me some basic assistance to configure Hummingbird the right way fitting my needs?


  • Vaughan

    Hi Rod,

    Hope you're well?

    Hummingbird is not a replacement for a caching plugin as HB only features browser leveraging for it's cache which is not the same as caching done using plugins such as W3 or Comet cache etc.

    I have no experience with Amazon AWS or S3 at all, but W3 Total cache or Comet cache.

    Basicly if you use minfy with hummingbird, you should disable minify in other cache plugins, or vice versa.

    Not sure why you would need to use static js, html or css files. the CSS should be done using your theme style.css or a custom CSS plugin.

    But I wouldn't say it's necessary at all to physically upload them to S3.

    With a multisite & hummingbird, there are no global minification settings.

    You can select whether to disable minification or only allow super admins etc to use minify etc by going to the hummingbird dashboard in the super admin.

    Network Dashboard > Hummingbird > Dashboard

    Then you should then see the hummingbird menu in each subsite dashboard, this will allow you or the site admin to edit the minifcation settings or disable them on each individual subsite (if required)

    Hope this helps

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