SIte Pro: uwer has no access to site created account is registered.


I'm using the latest version of the Network theme, WP, BP and Pro Sites. Premium Membership is installed but not enabled. I'm probably going to delete it when my Pro Sites implementation is working.

When I create a site at the time of registration, login and then try to acces the dashboard I get this message:

You don't have sufficient permission to access this page.

If I then create a site and go to the dashboard, I get the Pro sites screen with the payment options to activate my site. So this works as expected.

One thing is that "My Site" is the name of the 1st site when I go the BP blogs page. Yet I know I specified "test1". I tried twice and this is always happens. However, the subdomain for the site is correct.

Pro Site Option: Show Option on Signup

Display an option on the signup page
You can force and hide the signup option by linking to the signup page like this: wp-signup.php?Membership=1

My Signup page link may not be correct:

BTW, the Network theme makes it easy to change the "Join Us" button to to the above link, but how to I change the BP buddybar "Sign Up" button link?

Also I'm thinking that W3 Total Cache may be interferring with the timely user login after processign the verification email. I notice that as soon as I purge cahe the user can login. Has anyone else noticed this?