site redirects to register

hey guys Im using the "Private Buddypress" plugin and when I user types "" on the url address the user gets redirected to "" if the user types "" the home page works just fine... any idea why users are getting redirected to "" if they dont type the www in the address bar?

Thank you!

  • Mason

    Hmm... that's odd. I haven't used the privacy plugin, but if you type in a 'www' by default wordpress should remove this and direct to the normal

    Try disabling the privacy plugin and seeing if the redirect happens. If it doesn't something on your site is keeping this redirection from happening and you'll ant to troubleshoot that first. If the redirection does happen - then the privacy plugin is causing this issue and we can't really help ya with that here. It's a (sadly) unfinished plugin. Hopefully development on it will continue.


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