Site Registration & Login are all crazy

Alright so I am really really frustrated. I installed the Wp Document Revisions on a multisite install, and edited some of the capabilities in the schema. User sync is also enabled as well along with domain mapping. When a user signs up, or tries to, they are redirected to the main site, then sign up there, then when they login and try to go to a subsite wp-admin it says “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” and then yeah, its just really really frustrating. Can I make it so that way there is no user-sync and when a user signs up, they aren’t re-routed and they are only able to sign up on that site? Cause it will make it a lot simpler. I tried deleting the user sync then added it back, reset the settings, then deleted again, didn’t fix a thing. I am sorry if this messages is all improper grammar wise but I am fairly close to chucking my computer through a window.