Site Slower Than Ever, Would Setting Up AWS CDN With W3 Total Cache Help?


I wrote about a week ago asking for help with my extremely slow site.

You kindly looked and made some recommendations at that time. I have since implemented them but, unfortunately, my site speed is worse than ever. I have now lost most of my images and videos as well.

I had begun using WP SuperCache then but have since been told that W3 Total Cache is the better alternative. The problem is, I don't know now how to best configure it, if purchasing it would be the best option, and if setting up an AWS CDN account would make a significant improvement or what the costs involved would be for either.

I purchased a CDN plugin several years ago and do have it installed and activated. I did use it for a while with my book sales and do not remember having such speed issues back then. I now have a new hosting provider and don't know if that could be part of the problem. Is the AWS CDN also necessary (although I may need that even to use the plugin I have activated).

I desperately need help and hope you can answer these questions and help me configure the Total Cache plugin if that's an available service, included in membership, that you now provide.

I also have found that there is a bad link on my site that I am referring visitors to from somewhere. Is there a way to trace back from the bad link to the article from which they're being referred so I can correct it?

Can you help?!!

Thank you.

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @gttblog, hope you're doing well today! :slight_smile:

    Before we get started on caching & CDN related matters, it would be best to touch on a few things.

    First off, as you mentioned moving to a new host, may I ask who the host is? Also, do you know the type of hosting package that you have with them?

    The one you mentioned previously:

    I have paid hosting and everything is supposed to be unlimited, of course, they always put a "within reason" type condition in there in small print

    Sounded like a shared hosting plan. :slight_smile:

    Next up, plugins. I'm curious, have you tried using this tool on your site:

    You can use this to see the performance impact the various themes and plugins on your site have.

    I'd actually be curious to see what would happen if you were to disable all of the plugins on your site, and switching to the Twenty Fourteen theme (temporarily, of course).

    In the process of investigating this, I took the liberty of running your site through a speed tester that I've used before:

    And after doing a speed test from a New York server, I found it to take almost 10 seconds to load:!/bOpaAp/

    While I did notice a couple of large images (large in terms of file size, I mean), I also noticed something... odd. A cached JavaScript file tries to load this while loading:


    What exactly is causing that to be loaded would most likely be discovered after going through the plugins you have available on your site (disabling them, I mean, and then re-enabling the ones you want to use, one at a time).

    To touch on the caching briefly (for the moment, anyway), do you have both W3 Total Cache & WP Super Cache enabled on your site presently? If so, then you'll want to decide which plugin you want to use, and uninstall the other, as having both installed on the same site can pose problems.

    Let's start off with that, and see where that takes us. Let me know if I can be of further assistance here please! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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