site speed question on my wordpress multisite

Hello, hope all is well. I have a multisite, with buddypress, pro site, and it is all working so great! Except it is a bit slow. So, I have been working all afternoon on one site only to see if I can get the speed up.

That site is:

I have installed quite a few plugins that have resolved most of the major issues. I have one left:

Optimize the order of styles and scripts

And I have installed:
Performance Optimization: Order Styles and Javascript plugin

But, it says I need to do:
This does not have any option to use. This is very simple to implement plugin for ordering Styles and Script in <head></head> section.
1. Just add these lines after <head> or better after <head> and then Content-Type meta tag:
if (function_exists('orderStyleJS')) {
orderStyleJS( 'start' );

2. Similar to above, just add these line just before </head>:
if (function_exists('orderStyleJS')) {
orderStyleJS( 'end' );

And now I am scared... because I don't know what to do next. Any ideas? I have enabled access and also have My custom css plugin if that helps? Thank you very much in advance!

Linda @iempoweru

  • Patrick

    Hi there @iempoweru

    I hope you're well today!

    I have installed quite a few plugins that have resolved most of the major issues.

    Note that the more plugins you install, the heavier the load you put on your server with HTTP requests. It can be a vicious circle. :slight_smile:

    Which ones exactly did you install? You may already have one that can minify & concatenate CSS & JS files quite adequately without the need for that new one (that hasn't been updated in nearly 2 years, so I would not recommend it).

  • iempoweru

    @Patrick So I removed all of the site performance plugins and then either looked for newer ones or those that combined elements. I added one at a time to check results, etc.

    Here is what I now have:
    WP Super Simple Speed

    According to gtmetrix, my speed is 4.8s and on page speed, I still have bad marks for:
    1. inline small css
    2. Optimize the order of styles and scripts

    1. I thought Minit was supposed to solve the 1st one, however, it did end up solving a few others that I couldn't get to come down any other way, so I am keeping it for now.

    2. I originally emailed you about the 2nd one. I found this review:
    Worked like a charm with Word Press 4.2.2 By Samir M, June 16, 2015 for WP 4.2.2
    just add the code provided in the settings into header.php

    So, I am thinking it is ok to use. I just don't know how to add the code into header.php. Can you please advise on this?

    On Yslow I get this:
    3. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) F (0)
    4. Make fewer HTTP requests E (56)
    5. Add Expires headers D (67)

    Any ideas on how to correct 4 and 5? Thanks in advance for your help! Linda @iempoweru
    Use cookie-free domains
    F (0)

  • iempoweru

    Yes, it is and over the last 24 hours I have removed them all individually to test for incompatibilities or to see if any one of them would stand alone. And I think I have the right combination now. Also, I use cleantalk spam protection and had an issue that caused slowness. They responded in less than 6 hrs(considering that they are on the other side of the world from me, I think thats great) and it was a super simple fix. I just tested my first site after all this: 1.9 second load time. WOO!HOO! Love it! Over and out and thanks for all you do! Linda @iempoweru

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