site speed score is not great

Hi, I have installed hummingbird and the page speed score is not looking great, less that what i have achieved with the w3total cache alone.

One of the recommendations was to install page cache plugin so not sure what exact benefit or edge that hummingbird brings to the table.

could you look in to this and optimise the site to improve score and performance?


  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Kumar,

    Humminbird is not cache plugin that is why it should be used with one of those (like Super Cache or W3 Total cache).
    Hummingbird can minify files, combine and dequeue. It can also move those files between footer and header. You can also store files on our CDN. And that is feature that you can use instead of one your already using - because it page speed test it shows that some files should be moved to footer.
    Other features are browser cache and gzip compression.
    It also integrates with CloudFlare.

    For your site next recommendation is to optimize images and for that you can use WP Smush Pro

    But you should give a try Minification feature. It needs testing to get best configuration for your site but it should help with those scores.

    kind regards,

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