site tagline and button text are the same…

just letting you know of the issue.

how would i go about getting the sign up button to take the place of the first square? or the first post? so it is more noticeable?

  • DavidM
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    Hi thinkmarketact,

    You mean the Sign up Feature Text, correct? It’s not actually the same as the Site Slogan, it’s just right next to it, and it can actually be customized using basic html, so it provides for more options.

    As for the signup button, that’s done via a function called signup_button() and you can use that function pretty much anywhere you want to display the signup button.

    The default location in the header is done via network/library/components/branding-header.php where you’ll notice the following:

    <?php signup_button(); ?>

    You can of course remove that, but it would be best to do all your edits via a child theme as detailed here:

    Hope that helps!


  • thinkmarketact
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    so i just move <?php signup_button(); ?> but aren’t the images just a loop? and the loop has settings? so if i say 5 post wide with in the theme settings wont the loop be 5 squares wide? making it so the first line of posts actually has 6 buttons (the loop of 5 posts PLUS the sign up button) and then the lower lines have the 5 buttons ?

    as far as the parent/child….

    i would just include the ONE edited file with the button change right? maybe 2 files (header.php and index.php?

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