Site takes about 8 seconds to load

Please advise, the back-end of my site is loading very slow. 8 seconds is a long time to load.

  • Mhamdi Youssef
    • Flash Drive

    Hello dainis

    I hope you are doing well today!

    I tried to check your site performance from the dashboard but I'm afraid I couldn't because the support access wasn't logging me to your site and keeps giving me this error.

    So, please try to re-grant support access for me to access your site and take a closer look.

    However, I checked your site performance in GTmetric and I could get some information about your site, but before telling you about the information that I get please notice that your site loaded fine for me and fast that is didn't past 6 seconds.

    However, let's get the information that I get detailed for your site :slight_smile:

    Gtmetrix => PageSpeed Score: 90% While the average is 72%
    PageSpeed Score: 90% which mean it is normally fast, actually the Fully Loaded Time was 6.2s and that is good for a full load.

    but still, to perform a good score better and decrease your site full load timing, you still able to use some of tricks to do that, let's go step by step according to GTmetric information :wink:

    --Serve scaled images: Images in your site are resized in HTML or CSS. Serving scaled images could save (93% reduction).
    --Serve resources from a consistent URL: this is due 2 or more resources having identical contents, but are served from different URLs, Serve these resources from a consistent URL to save multiple request(s).
    Also, we need to Minify some JavaScript file.

    --Make fewer HTTP requests:
    ---This page has 74 external Javascript scripts. Try combining them into one.
    ---This page has 31 external stylesheets. Try combining them into one.
    Combining these file would be great help to decrease the load timing for your site.

    --Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN):
    There are 117 static components that are not on CDN.
    CDNs can give an equally fast web experience to your users across the globe.
    --Minify JavaScript and CSS:
    There are 13 components that can be minified:
    Strip unnecessary characters from JavaScript and CSS to speed up download times.

    Well, No worries :slight_smile: WPMU provides a very helpful solution for this kind of issues: Hummingbird Pro & Smush Pro plugins can do most of the fixes on your site.

    If you don't have these two plugins on your site, I recommend you to download them while you grant support access :wink:

    This is all I got for you now, I will be waiting for your replay :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • dainis
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    thank you very much for your efforts, it's taking longer than 8s on my end

    Basically, I need the activity stream to load in under 3 seconds for this and my other BuddyBoss sites. Can you tell me what you can do to make that happen?

    May our communication bring sunshine, satisfaction, and joy to your heart, because I am sure we will accomplish this goal!

    Thank you,

  • Mhamdi Youssef
    • Flash Drive

    Hello dainis

    I hope you are doing well today!

    I double checked your site from the dashboard on Hummingbird and it looks like your site has a really low performance scoring, I tried to make some changes on Asset Optimization on Hummingbird but nothing worked as I expected.

    However, I asked some friends in my support team to take a look at your site and after they investigated your site a bit they find that there is a file that causing slow loading for more than 15 second to make your page full loading.

    Possibly something from site like plugin slow this down or also possibly one of plugin or some code downgrade memory_limit and make your site slow loading.

    That file (admin-ajax.php) belongs to WP core and cannot be removed and usually it doesn't cause issues like this, However, to know exactly what is causing this file to take that much of time we need to investigate it further more :slight_smile:

    So, to help fixing this issue in your site we need you to perform some test:
    First to create staging site. Your site is in our host so you will be able to make a staging site in less than 5 min with one click :slight_smile:

    After making the staging site, I want you to make a full plugin conflict there. And then ping staging site score, each time enable plugins one by one and track which makes this issue.
    Here is a flowchart on how plugin conflict can be made Flowchart

    If you still have problem or you can't do this stuff on your own, please just create the staging
    site and let me do it for you :slight_smile:

    I hope this helps, Have a nice day!

    Kind regards,

  • Mhamdi Youssef
    • Flash Drive

    Hey dainis

    I hope you are doing well today!

    I'm afraid. It's taking same as the production site for me and for some friends that helped me in your site, in fact, one of my friend wasn't able to load the activity page in his end.

    I've tested on 3 different browser and VPN as well. but still the same result, In fact 10-15 secs is normal for this kind of page and for more optimization you will need help from a developer for further optimization.
    Also, may be a cause too, the activity page is a huge page with threads loading based on JavaScirpt requests.
    Please try to contact buddyboss support as they are the seller of this script, currently the site has many console error and jQuery missed which is necessary.

    Further more, The site is trying to load few suspicious code and at my end that's blocked by Eset antivirus on my computer.

    The entire site loading fast within 3-4 seconds and that's perfect, but the Activity page content.
    I think the site is unable to complete some JavaScript requests for that page. Though a bit delay is normal but you really need the help from a developer to review those JavaScript requests and optimize the code.
    I'm afraid nothing else can be done from our end, As I already replayed to you, I tried to optimize your site trough Hummingbird and Smush but nothing worked.

    Also, I think that The scripts are bought from Buddyboss, if so I suggest you to contact them
    and ask them if they can help with the code optimization.

    I'm sorry I couldn't help you further, but I hope you get in touch with Buddyboss support and get further help :slight_smile:

    I hope you have a great!

    Best regards,

  • dainis
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    1. migrated from BuddyBoss Social Learner to the new buddyboss platform for 2 sites (bible-experts and urine-therapy)
    2. the activity stream did not work on those sites
    3. moved from wpengine to wpmudev, even tested siteground (activity stream would not load on any of the 3 servers)
    4. copied wpmudev install to staging thinking I'd be looking for a plugin conflict but POOF, the site works in the staging environment.

  • Mhamdi Youssef
    • Flash Drive

    Hello dainis

    I hope you are doing well!

    I'm sorry that I couldn't replicate the same as you, since I wasn't able to load the staging site at all.

    However, as you and my teammate Patrick Freitas talked on chat, I'm escalating this to our SLS, so that they can take a closer look at your site and help you more further :slight_smile:

    Also, about your question:

    we just need to use the settings from the staging area for the live area and we're done...correct?

    Yes, we have that feature that can sync the staging site to the live site with all settings but as I already said, when I'm not sure either the staging is working correctly or not I cannot sync your site since it could or it will break you live site.

    However, as I already mentioned, I will escalate your issue to our SLS so that hopefully they can find a solution for you :slight_smile:

    Please note: I edited your last replay and removed the credentials that you have sent since this is a public thread, also, the SLS team works in complex issue just like your issue so please be patient :slight_smile:

    I hope you have a great day!

    Best regards

  • dainis
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    it's much much better now. with Patrick's help, we found a bunch of redirection conflicts. yes, definitely still escalate. I am migrating bible-experts to wpmudev hosting now, and will try all the same steps. Also, SLS may be able to optimize even more.

    wonderful! thank you!


  • Konstantinos Xenos
    • Rubber Duck Debugger

    Hi dainis ,

    I've taken a look at the "activity" page mentioned. It takes about 2-3s to load fully and another ~3-4s maximum for the first ajax call to retrieve the activity posts from the database. When you click Load More some additional database queries need to be run to retrieve more posts and render them in the front-end.

    The time that it takes is perfectly normal in my opinion as it mostly depends on how those queries are made and how "expensive" they are as we say against a database/server. There's nothing wrong server side though and the only ones that maybe could enhance that functionality are the plugin authors as they know how they've set up their plugin best and we can't interfere there :slight_smile: .

    Some further notes:

    Since the "activity" page uses an admin-ajax.php call to retrieve those extra "posts" dynamically and async it's not counted as a "cached" page since that call has to be made either way. The only caching that is involved here is object caching that is completely server-side to help those queries become as fast as possible. To say it in a simple way, if anything loads via AJAX it means that Page Caching won't work there to make that particular page faster :slight_smile: .

    As I see that migrations are involved, keep in mind that some plugins ( especially premium ones ) might require re-configuration as the URLs are temporarily changing ( i.e. caches need to be flushed + remade, or a plugin might be bound to a domain that it was bought for so not all of it's aspects might work initially etc ).


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