Site title replaces CSS-placed logo

Multisite. Genesis - Metro Pro.

Run a multisite and am rebranding on Genesis to use the same header on every site. I developed my main site locally, pushed it to a live beta, then cloned it over my existing live site. Now, I'm going site-by-site, converting them to the rebrand with my initial beta template, then cloning over the old network site.

I wanted to take my logo out of my media upload folder, so I set it up in my CSS (image folder), folowing several blog tutorials. That did the trick of some of my network sites, but not all. It also did not work on my main site. The main site, and one network site, display just the site title in place of the logo. Using Inspect Element in Chrome, the CSS rule I used for the logo does not exist in the 'site title' sites. How? Ever site is a clone, and uses the same theme...

Not Working: