Site Verification Methodology for Subdomains in Multisite?

Team WPMU,

A support ticket came in to my network this weekend for a member to verify their site with Pinterest. The more I looked into this, the bigger the problem became. I was hoping one of the WPMU team had already dealt with this issue at some point and could help.

My network is a mutli-site using a Parent-child theme setup. I considered a tool like “Custom Header-Footer” plugin, but then I thought “This could add up to a whole lot of entries into my header over time if I’m not careful”. I looked at Infinite SEO, but it only had verification for Google and Bing.

I can see in the long term people wanting to verify MailChimp/Mandrill, Google, Pinterest, and others. has a bit of a solution in their system with their webmaster tools setup. Is there something similar available on the .org side?

What do you recommend?



  • jetmac
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    Thanks — I was looking at that.

    How does it work? What happens if hundreds of people start to use it for verification? Currently, ThirdScribe has 109 sites, and we hope to grow to 1,000 by the end of 2015. If 10-20% want to site verify with various services, what will happen?

    I’m worried about the long term and I just don’t know enough about how Multisite handles individual site headers…

  • Michael Bissett
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    Hey @jetmac, my apologies for the delay here!

    Actually, it wouldn’t be a problem with Multisite handling site headers, as it would be a matter of how good your hosting is. Since you’re hoping to grow to 1,000 sites by the end of this year, I would hope that at least a VPS is in use (as shared hosting wouldn’t be suitable for a network that big).

    As long as your hosting can handle the load of these sites, you should be fine here. :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,


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