Site-wide Title and Nav Bar


I am wanting to make the branding header title and the header navigation bar to be EXACTLY the same across the whole install using the Studio theme.

So, no matter which page or part of the site (wehter a users blog or otherwise) the name of the site is the title that displays and the navigation bar set in the main "parent" site/blog/account is the same navigation everywhere.

What is your suggestion for the best way to do this in the Studio theme?

Thanks muchly in advance.

  • Max

    @Tammie Actually, looking at the theme, it is setting the theme options, menu, title, etc (pretty much everything under apperance) to be pre-set to be that of the main blog/site.

    Now we can disable certain menu item in the admin through plugins, but how do we have set all of the apperance options (or the default blog appearance settings) to be auto setup on new accounts/blogs?

    Would love to know your thoughts and much thanks on an awesome starting theme.

  • Max

    @Tammie What you have above I beleive is correct, it may need to be hard coded.

    In the WP forums they have a navbar override code:
    <?php switch_to_blog(1); ?>
    <?php wp_nav_menu( array( 'container_class' => 'menu-header', 'theme_location' => 'menu-name' ) ); ?>
    <?php restore_current_blog(); ?>

    Which I haven't tried yet, but looks like it may do the trick for the navbar.

    Do you think the best option in keeping the rest of the header the same (name, navigation, etc) is just to hardcode, or do you have similar to the above command you may recommend?