I'm trying to set up a style sheet that I can use so that I don't modify any of the style sheets provided with the BP-Corporate theme. In the custom.css file it says:

Rename this file to 'site-wide.css' to activate it.

Any CSS styles placed in this file will be applied site-wide regardless of which theme is in
use for a particular page. Essentially, if you want to apply common styles to both your home blog
theme and your member theme, put them in here.

This CSS file is not limited to the 'buddypress-home' theme. Place this file in any theme that you
activate for your root blog and it will be loaded as long as BuddyPress is enabled.

So I saved it as site-wide.css in the same folder as the custome sheet and did some changes to bg colors and such an put it out to the site. but there were no changes. I looed at the source for BP and did not see any link to site-wide nor did I see any includes.

The second half of my question is the order of the style sheets. There are many many sheets in the cp-corporate theme, what are they all and in what sequence are they applied? Here is my first quess...

Order, style.css:
@import url( _inc/css/base.css );
@import url( _inc/css/directories.css );
@import url( _inc/css/settings.css );
@import url( _inc/css/components.css );
@import url( _inc/css/global.css );
@import url( _inc/css/custom.css );
@import url( _inc/css/wp-comments.css );
Theme-options.php, corporate-red.css, adminbar.css,
However, I don't understand how the corporate-red and or adminbar actually get incorporated.

I tried updating some of the corporate-red.css by creating a new folder in styles called /my-woodcraft/ and added a my-woodcraft.css. Oddly enough only one of my images came up on the site and that was the image above "Center Widget". Next I will check the source to see where these images on the main page are coming from. Clearly they are not all from one style sheet.

This is an important start-up topic for me, if I don't understand the style sheets and how they are used foro the BP main pagre and my blog, customizing witll be a painful journey.

Kind Regards from a newbie,