Site will not open. I receive "/protected" after my URL.

I was able to view my webpage all month, until today, when I now get my site name then "/protected". I have been trying to set up a MS install using Wordpress, and plugins and themes (both WPMUDev and thirdparty) on different sites throughout the network. I have tried to concentrate on WPMUDev as much as possible during this trial. But now my site won't open at all.
I need help to proceed. Thanks.

  • aristath

    Hello Mike,

    In order to debug this we'll need some more info:
    Temporarily rename your wp-content/plugins folder to wp-content/plugins-backup.
    Try to reload your site now. Does it work?
    If yes, then create a new folder in wp-content named "plugins" and start moving your plugins in there again, until your site breaks again. When it breaks, what was the last plugin you moved in there?

    If the above doesn't work, repeat the same process with the mu-plugins folder as well.

    If that doesn't work either, open up the .htaccess file located in your site's root folder and copy-paste it's contents here.


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