Sitemap is not working correct

Hi! disepointed an feeling fould by your guys. Things that i have downloaded isnt much that is working. I dont recomend you much to other but i gues you dont care about that. Money coming and you guys are happy. But this is crap. This tine sitemap you telling that it should work is working to 50 %. Maybe ok for you guys but not for me. It gives a sitemap yes but only to subdomains. On the master domain it dont give a shit. I get on my subdomains but i dont fins my master domain. Thanks for nothing. This is what i get form it on my master domain.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>

<urlset xmlns=”″&gt;

<!– Sitemap was loaded from a cached file –>


Ok this only my first post here to you guys. I have tsetd many things and not much is working correct. Sometime its only give 50% of what you telling it should do. I think i could find better things for free on wordpress instead.