Sitemaps and SEO plugin - Where to look for sitemap

I have recently created Wordpress network using the multisite feature in WP 3.0.4. I had the original Google XML Sitemap Generator plugin installed and my original sitemap is available at and it is still there. I want to know where can I see the sitemap generated by the Sitemaps and SEO plugin from WPMUDev and is there an option to change settings and priorities.

Also, do I need to unistall the original Google XML Sitemap Generator plugin.

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    Hello vikrantsharma1,

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    Mark's got you covered there! You wouldn't want two plugins trying to achieve the same thing. It is totally safe to uninstall the Google XML Sitemap Generator. Our plugin doesn't have any back-end options but really, options aren't necessary here. As Mark pointed out, you should be able to access your generated sitemap at


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