sitemap.xml only in main blog

I added the files to the locations and modified the .htaccess for the plugin, i can see the sitemap.xml for my main blog but not for the rest, however i can see a sitemap.xml file inside …./blogs.dir/id_blog/files/.

If i go to any blog of my network, like i can actually see the sitemap, so it looks like the main sitemap is just not consolidating the other sitemaps

Any ideas ?



  • drmike
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    OK, you’ve lost me. Your post says only the main blog has the sitemap while your post content says the blogs have them.

    The plugin is suppose to create individual sitemaps for all of the individual blogs, not one giant one for the whole site. Is that what it’s doing? Sounds like it is (making the individual ones) but I wanted to make sure.

    This is one of the reasons why giving reference links is always a plus. I get confused too easily. Not enough chocolate in my diet. :slight_smile:

  • kueyen
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    ah, i see.

    sorry if i confused you

    yes, the plugin is creating single sitemaps for each blog and not a big one with the content of all the blogs of the network, i thought that was the purpose of the plugin (a big sitemap with the updates of all the blogs)

    thanks a lot dr mike :slight_smile:



  • drmike
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    Not a problem. There is a big large sitemap plugin. Let me see if I can find it. The problem with that though is if you;re on a subdomain install, Google won;t use it for the subdomains because the sitemap has to be within the url. For example, if the sitemap is at mydomain.tld/sitemap.xml and you can physically include blah.mydomain.tld/mypage/ within that sitemap, Google won’t it because it sits outside of mydomain.tld.

    Of course if you;re using a subdirectory install, a sitewide sitemap works fine.

    edit: I can;t find it right off. Anyone remember the url?

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