Sites from a single site category widget

I'm trying to show site descriptions on listings in the "Sites from a single category" widget.
Is it possible ?
This part of code

if (($args['show_description'] == true) && (isset($site->bact_site_description)) && (strlen($site->bact_site_description))) {

					$bact_site_description = wpautop($site->bact_site_description);
					$bact_site_description = str_replace(']]>', ']]>', $bact_site_description);						

					if (strlen($bact_site_description)) {
						$content .= '<div class="site-category-site-description">'. $bact_site_description .'</div>';

shouldn't do the job ?
Thanks for your help

  • Paul

    @Caroline, Yes, that should display the site description if available. The site description was left off the widget because of the consideration for the length of said description. Let us know if you need any help implementing this.

    Oh and can I ask are you making mods to the widget itself? You should not need to. You can create your own stand alone widget output. That way when the next version of Site Categories is released you don't loose your code.

    If you look at the bottom of /site-categories/lib/widgets/class_site_categories_widget_category_sites.php you will see the default filter.

    add_filter('categories_widget_list_sites_display', 'process_categories_widget_list_sites_display', 99, 3);

    Just use the remove_filter() function to unregister this our output then register your own for the same action 'categories_widget_list_sites_display'.

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