Sitewide Privacy defeated by Recent Sitewide Posts

I set up a totally private blog using Sitewide Privacy. It worked fine, required password entry, etc.

I did a Welcome Post. Later, on my main site, I looked at the Posts listed by Recent Sitewide Posts and, to my horror, there was my private Welcome post listed.

Posts within the private blog can be made private IF all members remember to do Quick Edit and check the Private Box. However, this is tricky because all members are not exactly geeks.

Is there anything I can do in the admin setup to insure that all posts done in my private blog automatically have the Private Box checked or have privacy set in some other manner?



  • exberry
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Sitewide Privacy is also defeated by Recent Global Posts ... same as with Recent Sitewide Posts.

    So the problem may be in Sitewide Privacy.

    This leaves us with no practical way to have a private blog among other public blogs, unless someone knows a better way to setup Sitewide Privacy.

    I am using

    Default Setting: Allow all visitors to all blogs.
    Allow override = Yes
    Settings Privacy = Visible to everyone

    Hidden Site Info Public = No
    Hidden Site Privacy = I would like only logged in users who are registered subscribers to see my blog.

    This still requires making each post Private to keep it from appearing in Recent Global Posts.

    This requirement is inconvenient because Categories and archives no longer work.



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