Sitewide Tags and WP-Autoblog

I don't know if the Dr. Mike on this forum is the "real Dr. Mike," but if it is -two words: you rule!

I am actually interested in making the sitewide tags work in a WPMu setup. The issue is when I bring in the feeds with WP-Autoblog to the independent WP site I create within the WPMu environement, they are all funneled into an array category on the blog -the plugin is actually not taking the categories from the respective posts and importing them properly.

In fact, None of the categories from the feeds are even making it into the database, just one general array category is created. Might anyone here have an idea why this is happening? I never did get Dr Mike's modified wp-autoblog.php file, and I wonder if there might be some corrective in this new file though i'm not sure if this is correct. How are you folks handling this on edublogs, it looks like it is Dr. Mike's work around, but I'm not certain.

Jim Groom