Sitewide traffic no longer working after upgrading to Asynchronous Version of Analytics Plugin

We were on 1.1.5 until recently while the plugin matured, but since upgrading to 1.1.9 we are no longer getting data for all sites on the install / sitewide traffic. The sites in question are mapped using the WPMUDEV domain mapping plugin.

We're showing a fraction of the actual traffic in Analytics since upgrading to 1.1.9 but I do show the code being inserted when I view individual sites.

We have sub-domain tracking enabled in Settings > Google Analytics in the Network Admin section, but not sure if that is correct or not. If I had to guess, based on the traffic being reported in Google, only non-mapped sites of which there are only one is being recorded ( ) ....

How can we retain older functionality of the older working version of this plugin before it was merged with the asynchronous version? We simply want sitewide traffic data.