Size and Color Drop downs Variations

With MarketPress, how does one set multiple drop down menus for Style, Size and color for example

  • rgkeenan

    Shame.. Noticed that the lack of this basic feature and lack of google merchant feed support has been going on for a very long time..

    Such potential but such shortcomings.. sigh..

    It would be great if WPMU dev could publish dev docs, perhaps add a load of hooks so your user base could help fill holes in your product development shortcomings.

    There are so many folks who really try to use your products (myself included) but more often than not some critical shortcoming becomes a deal breaker (have been a member for very long and must say every single WPMU product I have tried to work in client development project always fails to make the grade.

    If you buttoned up some developer docs, published a API of hooks.. I am sure many firms like mine would be happy to contribute code for review to help refine product features.

    Something to think about and pass upstairs.. I love the idea of Marketpress but reality is your dev staff and dev cycle, by itself is not up to the task of competing in todays quick turn development environment..

    Open up, share with your community.. own the core but embrace contributions.. embolden your community, engage with those who have been loyal supporters.. and above all move the ball down the field on potentially fantastic products like MarketPress before we all just thrown in the towel and bail on WPMU Dev (in this case, in favor of WooCommerce.. which I am really trying not to do.. but at this juncture seems inevitable)

    Here's to hoping that someone in authority see this post..(though given the multitude of similarly frustrated posts.. it certainly doesn't seem to make it past you guys.. the support staff)

    Sincerely .. truly

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