Skipping Marketpress Checkout Page On Manual Payment Hack

Not really a question but I would like to share a quick hack on how to skip Checkout (Payment Information) page when using manual payments in the event of waiting Marketpress 3.0 (currently using v2.9.6.2) . I was looking to skip the checkout page as currently there is too many steps involved and reducing it by one makes a huge difference.

Note!! THIS IS A HACK.. ie. when you make a marketpress plugin update, this change will disappear. Only use this hack when you are using ONLY ‘Manual Payments’ (ie. not really accepting any payments online). Ready? Ok here goes..

1 . Ensure you have Manual Payments checked in your store settings page

2. Edit marketpress.php. Somewhere in line 3537 add $skip=true; like this

$skip = apply_filters( 'mp_payment_form_skip_' . $this->get_setting( 'gateways->allowed->0' ), false);
$skip = true; //hack to skip payment form

3. Test it! Done!