SKU in shopping cart, product page, packing list, and invoice

Once again, we get knocked to the curb by a deficiency in MarketPress.

How do you expect for a stock picker to fill an order without the SKU (model number)? Using the product description to pick the products is far too error prone.

We must have the SKU's, at a minimum, listed on the packing list and the invoice PDF's.

It would be EXTREMELY helpful to have the SKU's in the list of products ordered on the Order Edit page.

We we would also like the SKU on the product page and in the shopping cart product list.

I guess the real question is: Why do you even have a place to enter an SKU for a product if it never appears anywhere useful, such as on the packing list?

I apologize for my attitude, but you guys really should either withdraw MarketPress from your plugin offerings or actually fix the many bugs that prevent it from being used. I was sucked in by the excellent product display capabilities, but have been shocked and surprised over and over again by basic deficiencies in MarketPress and the many bugs that make product attributes, shipping modules, and many other "features" unusable.

I know that I should have made the assumption that no feature in any plug-in actually works without doing extensive testing myself, so I do bear some of the responsibility for believing that, for example, if WPMU says that your MarketPress plugin has a USPS shipping module, or a product attribute feature, that they would actually work.