Slicing Categories into Multisite with broken Importer & is 3.5 any better?

Hi All! :slight_smile:

I want to take a site with about 700 posts in 80 categories and “slice” that up into a new multisite where the 80 categories fork into about 8 more specific blogs of about 10 categories each.

I’ve learned that the WP Export-Import will import and link images IF you do an entire site, but it fails for partial imports like Categories, Authors, Dates, where it only links out to the old site. PC offered the great idea of FTPing the images manually, and then Find/Replace on the XML to manually fix the (soon to be) broken links.

One catch — how can I break the big ball of uploads (images) up by category?

I thought about uploading the entire site to each child blog, and then deleting by category, which would help, but it wouldn’t exactly fix the images. I guess you could delete the unattached images, but some of them could be linked to by other posts…

Maybe import all, then attach any unattached to a “catch all post,” then delete posts by category, and THEN delete any NOW unattached images? Might work but feels messy…

Does anyone know if Export/Import is fixed / works better / different in WP 3.5?


TY!! :+]