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Hi All
before reinventing wheels I like to ask the community and if it does not exist than it would be a feature request.

We are using a Slide In Canvas Menu on our Main site which we would like to replicate on all other pages the same way.

Is there a plugin with which we could achieve this on all pages of a multisite by default?

It would be pretty useful as we could place links to our own sites and a directory which lists all sites on those slide in Canvas Menus - either from the right or from the left top or button.

From Left - Global Menus available on all sites
From Right - All BuddyPress Links for the Global Community
From Top a global search / Google search without leaving the site
From Bottom - global contact data links - especially buttons for sms, phone, contact email which would be used on mobile and also global terms of service and privacy data.

I am happy to hear about ideas how to achieve and get this running.



  • Andi

    Hi Louis this would be an interesting idea if this works. I will have a look in as I would need to see also how to manage that the template gets djusted so that it opens up as a canvas Menu from top and bottom

    If it works that it would probably a good idea to extend the Ultimate Branding Plugin to have that feature with the slide ins available - perhaps activatable per checkbox so that it could be a general static header or footer or a slide in which would leave the customer site more or less untouched but would put the canvas slides just somehow behind it :wink: - And of course than it should also be easy to integrate a slide left and ride - let's see - if others have more ideas please let me know.



  • Andi

    Hi Louis your idea was great and we tested already a bit and will for sure write a feature request to implement that option into Ultimate Branding as you mentioned as it would give Agencies the ability to show their customers a site without the clutter from the "hoster" or "multisite owners" but also the Multisite owner could i.e. connect all kind of sites sing those fly in canvas menus as mentioned.

    Kind regards

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