Slide In Positioning Not Consistent on Qode Bridge

Good day WPMU Dev Brainiacs!

Ok, so I love slide in and find it to be the most attractive slide in/popup out there! That being said, I am having some issues with it on this theme lately.

I have the slide in plugin disabled right now because I am having an issue with its positioning but you can certainly turn it on to trouble shoot the issue that I am having.

I have quite a bit of CSS in the Global Settings section and I have positioned the slide in because it tucks underneath the header if I do not. I have had success with the slide in on many other sites but when I view the and some other pages in IE 11 and other browsers, the slide-in moved in 200+px from the left side of the page and it also hides the top of the slide-in so that it can not be close.

Is there some CSS I can add to fix this issue with this theme? Is it a conflict between the plugin and the theme? Thank you for your support!

Pura Vida,