Slide-In stopped working after a plugin or WP update - not sure which

Hi there,

I set up Slide-In as one of the first things on a page I'm building. Once I had it setup as I like, I toggled it off so I wouldnt have to deal with it every time I reloaded the page. Between then and now I've updated several plugins as well as WordPress itself. Now I've gone in to change it up a bit and I can't get it to display at all. I've tried monkeying around with all the different settings (global, global override, assigning it to a single page) and tried wp_footer as well as leaving the injection hook blank. Nothing has made it show up even once.

Then I tried Pop-Over as an alternative (because I'm impatient and didn't want to ask for help maybe? hah) and it isn't working either, even though it also worked back when Slide-In worked.

I'm using a Graffito theme with Gantry 4, RokSproket, and RokBox, as well as some other plugins.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Let me know if you'd like access.