Slide-in widget code gets placed in a strange loacation.

Hello, the code for the slide-in widget is getting placed in an unordered list which contains the slides for the slider on my homepage. This is an issue as the slider has a lower z-index than the rest of the elements on the page, placing it below those elements. Where can I alter the code to change the location of the slide-in widget’s code in the Dom? Thanks for your help!

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    Jack, thank you for the quick response! The images for the different slides are placed in list items in an unordered list. The code for the slide-in widget is being placed inside the <ul></ul> of my slider, therefore affecting it’s z-index. I have tried altering the z-index for the slide-in widget, but the parent element is overriding that. I am curious how I can alter the slide-in widget’s code so that it is not injected into the code for my slider. Does that make sense?

    You can view the site here:

  • Jack Kitterhing
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    Hi there @brewmaster

    I hope you are well today, first of all I would like to apologize for the extreme delay with my reply, this is not normal, somehow I missed your reply’s.

    Back to the problem, I see that the slide in doesn’t have the images in it right now, I’d be happy to take a look for, if you could add them back.

    Essentially I would like to slide-in code to be placed directly after the opening body tag. Is that possible?

    In your theme? If so, that’s going to take a bit of customization to get that to work, your going to need to call it within your theme and make sure it loads before the content after it, then displays the slide, I don’t really think this is possible to be honest, not without a lot of customizing.

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV member! And again, I’m very sorry for the delay.

    Kind Regards


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