SlideIn too wide/don't work correctly with theme

I recently installed SlideIn. I am running a theme called City Desk by Gabefire, which has a featured image slider on the front page. When I installed SlideIn and activated it breaks the slider on the front page. That's not the greatest thing in the world, but my main question is setting the width of the slider. I set it to 300px width, but it still shows up as a full width white bar. In order to not break the slider on the front page I made it so SlideIn only appears on post pages. Is there a reason why I cannot get it to default to the width I want?

  • Mike
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    Hi @feldo

    I've had a look at your site, and it appears that the problem is that the slide in panel code is being added as part of the "latest posts" in your site bar.

    There are lots of rules for the latest posts widget that are overriding the CSS rules for the slide in box and producing the strange results you are seeing.

    You could fix it with lots of dodgy CSS rules to override it, but it might be best to try and limit the latest posts in that window to only include posts in certain categories and exclude the slide in.

    A quick way to see the effect would be to disable that plugin and see how the slide appears then.

    I hope that gives you a starting point.


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