Slider in Sleek Photo theme runs too fast

Hi All,

I've installed sleekphoto on a friends site how can I slow down the slider.. It's rocketing by at just over a second a slide.. I can't find anything to modify in theme editor or any of the options.. Is it possible?



  • Tammie

    There will be a reason you can't find the option .. there isn't one :slight_smile:

    This is not something you should try if you are not comfortable in code specifically the template and JavaScript.

    The slider uses a script called loopedslider (a well known open source slider). If you look in library/scripts/loopedslider.js you can see this:

    $.fn.loopedSlider.defaults = {
    			container: ".container", //Class/id of main container. You can use "#container" for an id.
    			slides: ".slides", //Class/id of slide container. You can use "#slides" for an id.
    			pagination: "pagination", //Class name of parent ul for numbered links. Don't add a "." here.
    			containerClick: true, //Click slider to goto next slide? true/false
    			autoStart: 0, //Set to positive number for true. This number will be the time between transitions.
    			restart: 0, //Set to positive number for true. Sets time until autoStart is restarted.
    			slidespeed: 300, //Speed of slide animation, 1000 = 1second.
    			fadespeed: 200, //Speed of fade animation, 1000 = 1second.
    			autoHeight: 0, //Set to positive number for true. This number will be the speed of the animation.
    			addPagination: false //Add pagination links based on content? true/false

    This is a big clue as to how to call the slider but use those elements.

    Another hint is Studio (another one of our themes) as that uses the slideshow script SleekPhoto does BUT has the option for speed changes:

    <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
    				autoHeight: 500,
    				autoStart: <?php print($slideshow_speed)?>,
    				restart: 5000,
    				addPagination: true

    Basically what you have to do is call the values before the script in the slideshow file: library/feature-slider.php.

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