Slider promo has hijacked my admin panel, entirely

I've been having some memory issues (I think) at my ISP, so this might not be entirely your issue. On the other hand, they started after I installed your stuff, and I haven't heard back from the ISP yet, so who knows...


I have a message from you asking me to follow on social networks, and an ad for the Slider plug in. Neither will move or disappear no matter what I do, and no other page or screen on my admin panel will load. If I hit "dismiss" I'm taken to my account screen just fine. But if I come back, those notes are still there, and NOTHING else can be accessed.

I have basic FTP capability, and enough technical knowledge to be you can tell me a back end way to get those out of there so I can work, I'd be incredibly grateful. I'm trying to get this site launched and I can't do a thing until this is fixed.

My account email is a great way to reach me.


  • Sheryn

    Hi Ari,

    After I wrote you, I found that and turned notifications off. That at let me get to the plugins screen to deactivate the WPMU Dashboard. But as soon as I re-activated the dashboard, I had the same problem. So...either there's something wrong with that slider ad, or...I've got something buggy in my dashboard app.

    For now, I've deactivated the dashboard and my site is working fine. I'll try turning it back on again in a day or so, and see if the problem comes back. Right now I don't know if it's the app, or my provider.

    For what it's worth, this was the error message: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 94371840 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 307529 bytes) in /home/sheryn/ on line 251

    Thanks for responding so quickly!

    p.s. I got a note from my webhost after I emailed you: He pointed out that all the errors I had were basically PHP limits. They helped me up the capacity on that, so I'll reactivate the dashboard tomorrow and see what happens. :slight_smile:

  • Sheryn's been batty, and I'm too tired to be posting. To clarify: I emailed the top half of that answer, and someone nicely asked me to post it here instead.

    The P.S. is info I didn't have at the time.

    AND...the solution, for what it's worth & the benefit of others....was to create a phprc file to override the php.ini settings on my webserver and raise the traffic limits.

    With my limited tech knowledge, what I understood was that it's much like creating a CSS file or child-style to override a template rather than modifying the template when they upgrade PHP or make server changes or something, they don't blow me up again later....

    Thank you again for your help. I was stunned how fast it was. You beat my hosting provider by hours. :slight_smile:

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