slider with upfront/spirit not loading correctly on first load

Hi There,

I Hope this finds you well. I will try to be as concise as possible but I think some background is necessary...

I developed a site for a client on my multisite there
We then moved her site to a new web host, with a temporary domain as her domain was already in use by a WIX site. All was OK on the temporary domain but since we have moved to the correct domain ( we have been having issues loading the first page after clearing the cache/opening a chrome incognito window. (The Wix site was disconnected to) The header image is generally missing and the slider is not really a slider where all the images are the ones below each others. After a few reloads, it gets there... Her hosting/domain is with godaddy. I have called them multiple times and while each time they do something (not sure what) that makes it load correctly, a few days later it is back to not loading correctly (after clearing cash). They mentioned once too many backslashes back to back and I wonder if this is not related to * below... Last time I called they started blaming the code... :slight_frown: but since it was working fine before the final domain change I am very doubtful. Furthermore, on my mutlisite all was well.... but before contacting you I wanted to have the latests versions (I know you would have asked me that :wink: and her site being live I am careful with updates there :wink:) so I upgraded my multisite to the latest wordpress, everything still worked fine and then to the latest upfront/spirit... and now we are having a strange behavior loading the first page on my multisite as well. the header image loads but the slider loads "weird”…but a different kind of weird.. :wink: this time we don't see all the images on top of each other but one image.. big space.. the control of the slider... big space... the rest of the website... after one reload it usually shows up correctly..

I have reduced the image sizes again... I have made sure all the links in the DB were correct and pointing to the new domain for her site. I looked at the source code with a debugger and didn't see any error that should be responsible for that. Now a very interesting thing is that if I compare the source code when it loads correctly and when it doesn't... it is the same!! so that seems to tell me the code is working correctly.. right? but then why in the world doesn't it load correctly? I am thinking bandwith maybe at this point.. but I checked tools like (thanks to another question here :grinning: and for my multisite it says it is faster than most site... but also it doesn't always give me the same website size... so maybe it doesn't always load all the pics...

(*) comparing the source code I also noticed a lot of paths are starting with //.. such as for the testimonials… (this is on the multisite too so it shouldn’t be from changing the domain name)
`<div class="upfront-image-container">
<img src="//" alt="Fiona Beuchampt" title="" style="width:100%;"/>

I looked in the database but found the same number of matches for "http://" and just “//“ so it looks like it is coming from the code but I couldn’t figure out where… By the way if there is any developer guide for upfront/spirit available that would be very useful for us to have I think, I’d be happy to debug more but without guidance I am a bit lost as to where to even begin (the good old grep wasn’t that useful.. :wink:) .. :wink:

I have open access on my multisite ( if that helps… I am not sure if this has to do with the theme or not, but any idea you may have would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot and have wonderful day!