Slides everywhere! Make them stop!

I made two slides, and set both to being "post specific" - I believe that's the term. I assigned each to a few specific product pages. But they were showing up everywhere. I looked at a support thread and found some reference to cache. I'm using Zencache, so I cleared the cache, turned on the slides again, and saw the same issue, except the slide I saw seemed to be set to a narrow pixel width, rather than full width as I had originally set it. Weird. I deactivated the plugin.

After a while I activated the plugin again, and without changing anything else, now it seems to be working properly. Before I make more slides and potentially drive myself crazy, can you tell me some kind of best practice guideline for at what point I need to do some cache clearing, when working with this plugin? Just once after installation? I believe Zencache does that automatically. Before or after every time I use the plugin? What do you suggest?

I have not granted access to the backend of the site because it's an e-commerce site with active visitors, and I'd rather not interrupt anyone on their way to maybe buying something, but if you need to see what's back there, please let me know.

Here's a page where the slide-in is active:

...but at the moment at least everything is working.