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Hello Everyone,

I'll be brief and hopefully get my message as clear as can be.

I trying to find a theme that I can build a portal for my retail clients but base it around their community. Initially for at least three months there won't be any client blogs on the site. The idea is to use the categories to build business headings ie. business 1, business 2 etc. Then when I add a post the title would be the name of the business in the business 1 category. In the post I want to add just about anything and everything about the business, basically like their own personal page.

Since the portal itself is based around a small community setting and advertising is key to its success. I would need a banner either above the header or within the header. One at the footer and then on the side bar as a widget(s). I like the look of the main page but don't see any template that will accommodate that layout.

I would like to add a slide show to a theme that doesn't have one and the ones that do have it are limited in functionality or if you make one change other functionality stops. I'm still trying to work out which theme give the most capabilities out of the box. I'm hoping someone can help me.

Thanks Robert

  • Tammie

    @rbudnikas: Hi there. Have you considered: Product? If you have perhaps using something like our theme Business or BlogsMu and adding a slideshow script is the way to go. Unless you do however have a theme with an in built slideshow you will be looking at a customisation job to either hire someone to do or get done yourself. There are some great sliders out there though that are incredibly easy to use it's just 'what you want' really.

    Personally, I'd get the main theme and even slot the slide show into that as it's better to have 90% of what you want and add 10% than have to add more :slight_smile: BuddyDress is a custom template however you could easily achieve something similar without copying using Business or BlogsMu.

  • Robert

    Hi Tammie,

    Problem is that nothing comes close unless I am just completely stupid. I downloaded BlogsMU because I thought it was the way to go but I can seem to change the background in the configuration. If I upload a header it places it in the middle of the page. To me a header is the top not the middle. If I look at Business the login is at the bottom and nowhere in the configuration can I change the location. As for Buddydress it's misleading then to showcase a wow type template making people believe that that is achievable with one of the templates that is being marketed. This is very frustrating.


  • Tammie

    @rbudnikas: BuddyDress is a custom theme design just like for instance this site - not an example of what you can do with the themes available so not sure why you'd think it was designed to mislead - often we do however offer themes similar and in fact you can even request themes at any point of any type. We do not guarentee we will get them made but we're always happy to hear what our users would like theme wise. However, as I am sure you understand there is a fine line between custom work and themes. We're constantly adding to our list of themes as you can see.

    Now, I think you're at a bit of an inpass sounds to me like you may be looking for a bit more than a theme has to offer but either don't have the funds or do not have the skills to do a custom edit of a theme? Forgive me if this is the wrong analysis of what you are saying.

    What I would suggest from what you say is perhaps to look at for instance blogsMu - I know you have before however with what you are saying I'm thinking this could be just the ticket for you with some adjustment. The issue first we have to breach though is (and I mean no disrespect in asking) how are you with code editing? You see, what I think you want is a custom job and as a result any theme will require this.

    If you are ok with editing though what I reckon would be a good idea would be to map out at least on a bit of paper what you want to put where on the BlogsMu theme. For instance slideshow, advert and so on. Then I'm going to suggest you perhaps do a forum post per each - the reason I say this is so that attention is given to each point and you can get the theme designer's attention to get the right edit you need.

    Now there is nothing to say you can't for instance look at how the slideshow is done in Product and take that script and put in BlogsMu and so on - that would be a suggestion too but I do not know your skillset as to if this is something you are open to.

    Hopefully in this way slowly but surely you can get the theme you wish. I hope you take this advice in the helpful manner it is intended. We do offer as wide a range of themes as possible and we're adding each month however sometimes yes you may not find one that totally fits what you want.

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