Slight incompatibility of Theme My Login and Site Templates

I wanted to share with you an incompatibilty with the two great themes, as it has eaten up a fair amount of time.

Insertion Error: Duplicate entry 'theme_my_login' for key 2 - The template was not applied. (New Blog Templates - While inserting templated settings)

I have made now 50 of those trying to figure out what was wrong.

Basically, if you have it network enabled, Or enabled on the main root of a wpms subdomain install, it will puke.

Subsites can still have it active, AND subsites can be used as the template, which passes forward settings and automatically assigns a NEW PAGE ID within the theme my login settings as well that matches the newly copies and created login page.

However, if you have this enabled on your main blog, the script pukes.

I will play with this more, as this would be a crushing blow to my morale to be defeated. I would also like to ask if anyone else is using these two plugins together without issue?